About the project

This project is created to show which people are more close-knit and better. This is a peculiar test that identifies someone who would pay $10 for their reputation!


Our system works in such a way that each flag takes a definite position depending on the filling speed. For instance, China bought 100 pixels and became the first place, after that the US bought 150 pixels, the order has changed at that moment and the US takes the first place. If someone buys the whole first block, they are fixated on the first place forever, further there is a race for the second place.

Thus, the faster you fill the block of your country, the better, since your block will be on the first places.

Advantages for the customers

Besides the fact that you activate the area flag and thus support your country, you raise your banner underneath it with a link to any resource as well. Your logo or picture will appear afterwards while hovering on the area you bought. Also, if the guest will click “See all”, they will see a block consisting from backgrounds.

This gives a massive increase to the audience as millions of people can see who exactly supported the country and check out your resource. This is the only lifelong advertising, buy it once and you get a huge increase to the audience of your website, blog, social networks profile and any other resources.

Our platform is international and can advertise your brand to the whole globe, even if today nobody knew about you, tomorrow everyone might know.

Advantages for the country

Internet is everywhere and thanks to this fact, it is possible to spoil or elevate anything and anywhere in one day with the help of news. That’s why it is important to become the number 1 on the list. If you will be able to be the first one, who will fill the block then you will fixate yourself on the top position and elevate your nation in the others’ eyes. All media and bloggers will publicize the fact that you have become number 1. Will others then be able to say something in your direction? No way! Only thing is left is to prove that you are number 1.


Affiliate program.

Everyone who made a repost must notify their subscribers that to receive a discount when ordering on our site, you need to specify the nickname of the page and social network where they saw this post, so the one who made the repost gets the right of free placement in any block of 100 pixels size, and the customer receives a 1% discount. This makes you more popular and saves the customer’s money.

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